In Ghana, more than half a million primary school age children are not enrolled in school, largely because their parents are unable to pay for the uniform and school supplies necessary to maintain even the most basic level of education (UNICEF). To make matters worse, education beyond junior high school (J.H.S) is out of the reach of most students in rural communities, where no free secondary education exists.

The Yonso Project’s Scholarship Fund seeks to help change this situation. Through our scholarship fund, we are working to help poor and vulnerable children gain access to quality education and achieve their academic dreams. The Yonso Project goes beyond providing students with the funds and supplies to complete their education. We work closely with the families and communities in which our scholars live, helping them to take full advantage of the academic opportunities offered to them. Thanks to our holistic approach, many of our scholars, who came to us on the verge of dropping out of school, are enrolled in or have graduated from some of the top colleges and universities in the country (see our college students under Featured Scholars). To them, this is a dream come true and we thank our sponsors for making this possible!

The Yonso Project is the only local NGO working in these rural communities. Since 2007, we have provided aid to over 200 rural students, and in the 2015-2016 school year, we will be helping a total of 100 students to reach their educational goals. We hope to provide 70 primary and J.H.S. students with the funds necessary to purchase materials for school. We will also help 20 senior high school students and 10 university scholars to achieve their academic dreams.

Check out our Featured Scholars to read some inspiring stories from students at all grade levels that demonstrate the impact of this program.

The Process:

Students in need of support apply to the Yonso Project by submitting their grades and a letter about themselves and why they are in need of aid in financing their education. The Education Program Officer processes the applications, reviewing each student’s situation based on need, academic achievement, and motivation to complete school. For primary and secondary scholars, we then administer an exam to evaluate their academic and intellectual capabilities. Finally, selected students from all three scholarship levels will then attend an interview with a panel made up of heads of schools and district education officers from outside of the Yonso Project, so that we may avoid any potential bias based on personal relationships with the Yonso Project. The final decision to award a scholarship will be made after the interview has been submitted to the Board, who will then allocate funds to ensure the effective their use.

Support the Scholarship Program today to impact on the life of a future leader! Visit our page of Featured Scholars to see some of the children who need your support.

Item Cost per Year
Sponsorship for one student in Basic School $60.00
Sponsorship for one student in High School $350.00
Sponsorship for one student at the Tertiary Level $450.00

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