Bike to School Program

Bike to school program supports children in rural communities have a means of transport to school. A lot of children have to commute long distances from their villages to other communitbooomers-unicef_43ies to attend school. Without any means of transport, children easily lose interest in school and drops out. The program started with a commitment from our Exevutive Director,  Kwabena Danso, who had to travel on foot for about eight miles every day to school whilst growing up as a child in rural Ghana.

There are thousands of children in Ghana who have to travel from their villages and farmhouses in rural areas to attend school in neighbouring communities. This situation has affected a lot of kids badly that they lose interest in education. According to UNICEF, there are over 23.3 million children who are out of school within the West and Central Africa Region and 52% are girls. In Ghana, it is estimated that about 500,000 children are still out of school. The major

booomers-unicef_52reason cited by parents is poverty and a poor child in a rural community is 2 times likely to drop-out of school than his counterparts in towns and cities. 36% of children in rural communities never attend school and 27% drops out within the Region.

We partner corporate bodies to pay for the cost of producing these bikes. Booomers commitment is to ensure children in deprived areas have access to education by getting these bikes to school and so Booomers does not put any profit margin on these bikes. Bikes are branded after the sponsoring company with their logos. We have our first corporate sponsorship for this program from UNICEF Ghana who paid for 150 bikes for young girls in the Nchumuru District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

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