What We Do


The Yonso Project provides educational and economic development interventions to help the rural poor improve their own lives.  As we have discovered, education and economic development are entirely intertwined. Many of the fundamental problems faced by the educational system in rural Ghana are actually economic in nature. For example, older children from a poor family are often obligated to tend to chores at the farm or at home rather than attending school. Today, the our programs address both the issues of education and economic development.

We currently sponsor two main educational programs- Reading for All and scholarahips for underprivileged youth. Reading for All is a two part program that first works to change the attitudes students have around reading and then, once the demand has been created, funds a new library in their community. The Yonso Project Scholarship Fund provides over fifty students a year with access to school materials or help to cover their tuition costs. Furthermore, we are closely intertwined with Booomers, which is providing economic opportunities to unemployed rural youth. Read on to discover the impact the Yonso Project is having on education and economic development in rural Ghana.

The main street in our partner community of Apaah

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