Bamboo Bicycles

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Booomers International is a subsidiary social enterprise of the Yonso Project, which produces and markets bamboo bicycles and bikes stands on both the Ghanaian and international markets.  Booomers’s aim is to help improve transportation, provide youth employment, mitigate climate change issues, and alleviate poverty in rural communities. Our ultimate goal is to provide the poor in rural Ghana the means to gain economic freedom.

Booomers’s mission: “To produce high quality, affordable bamboo products which have both economic and social benefits to customers around the world.”

Since Booomers donates 15% of its profits to the Yonso Project, every bamboo bicycle purchased is also helping improve educational opportunities and empower women in rural Ghana.

To learn more about Booomers’s impact on community development and to check out the extensive line of bamboo bicycle models available, please proceed to Booomers’s official website here.

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