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Since initiating the Yonso Project Scholarship program in 2007, we’ve helped bring together students and sponsors through regular letter and picture exchanges. Today, we are proud to announce that we’ve entered the modern age and discovered the magical powers of digital video recording devices and YouTube, which (when mixed in an approximate 3:1 ratio, stirred for 6 hours and chilled over iced walrus fang for 26 minutes) give us the ability to show you our scholars, up close and personal, speaking directly to you.

Check out the rest of our videos on YouTube.

Connie Wu, a YP Intern through the University of Pennsylvania’s International Internship Program, spent much of the summer interviewing each of our scholars, editing the footage into the format you see here, and really getting to know the program and its stakeholders. Here are a few words from Connie:

“These are children who come from the neediest families in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. They come from large families with numerous siblings. Most of their parents are farmers who are struggling to feed and clothe each and every child in their families. Thanks to our sponsors, these children now have the opportunity to go to school, wear clean school uniforms and shoes, take notes and solve problems in their workbooks, and eat a healthy lunch. Moreover, they have seized the opportunity to excel in school through academics and leadership roles.

“Shy but excited to be on camera, these children and their families all put on their best clothing and most sincere smiles. They want you to see them at their best and show their sponsors how grateful they are for their support.”

As a long-time Yonso Project member who has worked on every program, I have to say that meeting our scholars face to face and hearing their stories is the most rewarding aspect of our work. The unique character of each student and the enormous impact the scholarships makes on their lives is truly remarkable. We hope you enjoy meeting our scholars!

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